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About Us

This is Milestone Two. You are welcome here.

Milestone Two is an international fraternity and community. It was formed around a key set of objectives and purposes that are based on the original aims and goals of Scientology, as laid out by the founder L.Ron Hubbard.

We have no connection to, or affiliation with, the corporate Church of Scientology. If you are looking for the official Scientology website, this is not it.

Milestone Two is working on:

1. Building a strong community and team of Scientologists in the field.
2.Getting auditors trained and interned
3. Setting up new delivery groups
4. Moving people up The Bridge,
5. Opening up the Div 6 lines for new public.
6. Dealing with society's ills, such as literacy, criminality and drugs
7. Getting basic LRH technology being used in society to improve conditions and better life for all.

There are no demands here that you donate money, nor any crush efforts to force you to be part of things.

You are welcome to simply be part of the community.
If you are one of those MANY Scientologists who thrives being part of a team that gets things done, Milestone Two is that place.

We work to get people back onto the Bridge with standard Scientology.

This is an OT group.

Again – welcome to Milestone Two.

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