by Lana M.

There is really nothing like auditing another.

I know of nothing that is more satisfying, more rewarding, more fulfilling.

Watching a person regain certainty in what they know. Helping them through dark confusions and back into the sunshine again.  Conquering demons, breaking through fears and compulsions, rising up the tone scale to a point where they realise and know they can control things and improve their life.

There is really nothing like auditing another.

This is not an article promoting a service — it is reflection on the satisfaction of helping someone deal with what is really troubling them – what they have been anxious, fearful, or worried about.

To study about a phenomena or circumstance and then see that to be true in session. To watch the Tone Arm soar and then find the out-list and watch it come crashing back into range, and the smiles and laughter erupt from the person in front of me.

To see a dirty needle and the anxiety associated with a withhold, and then persist to gently get the unspoken communication actually uncovered. With the details seen, I watch the relief of the preclear, the gush of communication that comes with it, and the realisation that there is no need to withhold it longer. It can be dispensed with, forgotten and gone. The needle floats and the grin from across the table tells me that we have helped the person just that little bit more.

There is really nothing like auditing another.

A problem dissolves and no longer troubles.

An upset disappears and relationships are rebuilt and strengthened.

Complexions get clearer – colour returns from a grey pallor – eyes brighten – and faces get younger.

Preclears extrovert and attention units that were earlier fixed in the past, move into the present and then onto the future.

There is really nothing like auditing another.


“Every now and again somebody tries to get me to say what I think of auditors. They want me to become hypercritical, I guess so as to match the asker’s tone. Well, I better make a public utterance after all this time.

“I think of auditors in a rather intense way. As I know more auditors than anybody else and have a better basis for judgment, on this subject I can be for once an authority.

“My opinion of auditors in general is fairly well known to several people.

“I think of an auditor as a person with enough guts to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. This quality is rare and this quality is courageous in the extreme.

“It is my opinion and knowledge that auditors are amongst the upper tenth of the upper twentieth of intelligent human beings. Their will to do, their motives, their ability to grasp and to use are superior to that of any other profession.

“I think of an auditor as having INITIATIVE. He is able to grasp or make a mock-up and put it into action.

“Auditors survive better than other people.

“If this world has any faintest chance of surviving it will be not because I write, but because auditors can and will think and do.

“I think our auditors came from beings lately arrived on Earth who, seeing where it was going, decided to band together to send it elsewhere.

“I consider all auditors my friends. I consider them that even when they squirrel. I believe they have a right to express themselves and their own opinions. I would not for a moment hamper their right to think. I think of auditors and Scientologists as the free people.

“Just as they consider one another their people, so I consider them my people.

“I think their errors of the past, when they existed, came about because we are new and we are finding out and I don’t think any of their errors were intentional any more than mine were.

“I can understand their own reactions because I can understand the counter- effort given them by society, and thus I don’t hold auditors guilty even when they fold up but simply assume we’d better make a better effort into the society to overcome or bypass the counter-effort.

“I don’t expect auditors or Scientologists to instantly agree with or seize upon whatever I say. I would be offended if they did and would feel they weren’t a free people. Since they are intelligent I expect them to think over what’s said, try it, and if it’s good for them, use it. That old auditors sooner or later come back to and use what I have discovered isn’t any testimony to our relationship at all, it’s only a testimony to my being right because I meant to be right in the first place.

“I sorrow when I see somebody accomplishing less than he should because he thinks I wouldn’t approve of it. In organizations and out I count upon initiative and good judgment.

“The most decent people I have ever known have been auditors. The best- hearted people I know are auditors. They are so decent and good hearted I have to work and argue with them to make enough to keep mock-ups rolling well, a thing they are now beginning to do.

“I am very proud of Scientologists. I think they’re bright, shiny, beautiful people and I’m glad every one of them decided to get born again this time.

“I think we’re a fine crew. I know we can make it. And I know that if it’s a better world in the future it will be because Scientologists are what they are, not what I made them.

“Now in case there are any further inquiries or doubts on the matter, I assure you I have spoken on the subject and that I have spoken from the bottom of a very experienced heart.

“Scientologists are the best people on each of the five continents and that’s all there is to it. ” LRH, Professional Auditors Bulletin 79, 10 April 1956