We feel that community is important.

And based on feedback we have received from our readers, subscribers and network, they feel the same.

It gives a sense of belonging.

It is a pleasure to work within a group of like-minded people.

And there is much satisfaction working with Scientologists who have common backgrounds, realities, purposes and goals.

For those that are no longer within the Corporate church (with or without their choice), being part of a community on a local, regional, national or international basis, is important.

We have created the Community Connect newsletter for the express purpose of keeping people informed and connected. We want it to be populated with news, information, resources, successes, dissemination and more.

Ideally it contains classifieds  where people can buy or sell meters/materials, look for co-audit twins, or simply promote their delivery services. It also gives Milestone Two an opportunity to communicate what is happening with delivery and dissemination of Scientology, across several different continents.

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