Delivery Network


thorny rosesLet’s be blunt — it is no bed of roses in the field OR in the Church these days.

In the field, there is a growing network of standard delivery terminals and groups operating outside of Corporate Scientology, and across several continents  — but there are more than a few thorns (ie. squirrels) in the field that draw blood and cause pain to unwitting preclears and pre-OTs.

And then there is what passes off as auditing in Corporate Scientology, which routinely starts with robotic TRs, poor comm cycle, bad metering, altered processes and a constant cycling of Scientologists on Bridge actions, over and over.

Milestone Two has made it clear from the onset that we ONLY support standard application of LRH technology. There is no happiness or enlightenment to be achieved by mixing rundowns, altering processes, attesting people to levels they have not honestly achieved, or evaluating for people (in person, over the internet, or with broad executive C/Sing).

We are putting the LRH back into Scientology, and support any auditor or delivery terminal that has the same purpose.

In January of 1959, LRH issued an article in the Ability magazine of Dianetics and Scientology called “A Campaign for ethical auditing”, and we are reissuing an excerpt here as it as applicable now, as it was then.

Yes, very few auditors are perfect — but if they are training, auditing and with a tension line from a C/S and with Qual, constantly building on their skills to become the best auditor they can be, then they can be trusted.

If they are unethical, working to personally profit, without caring about results, and undermining the workability of the tech, then Milestone Two will advise you to steer well clear of them. See a previous article entitled Fruit Cakes, nut jobs and squirrels.

“Succumbing to the general low tone of the society, there are persons about who:

1. Do not care to have the actual skill necessary to get results.

2. Do not scruple in their promises to pcs; and

3. Work against the best interests of the Central Organization and other auditors.” …

“An ethical auditor does the following:

1. He helps the good repute of Scientology.

2. He keeps dissemination up with a healthy part of his income.

3. He gets results when he processes somebody.

4. He charges standard fees, no cut-rate.

5. He stands in well with his fellow auditors.

6. He makes no wild promises to pcs he can’t back up.

7. He never tells a pc the pc is now Clear.

8. He uses standard processes.

9. He keeps his own case improving toward Clearer or higher levels.

An unethical auditor is earmarked by the following:

1. He lives on the good repute of Scientology but downgrades it.

2. He profits by the dissemination of others or the Central Organization and pockets what he should as “profit”.

3. He processing people without caring about results, only profit.

4. He cut-rates his processing or grossly overcharges.

5. He is despised by other auditors.

6. He makes any promise he has to to get a pc to buy processing.

7. He tells pcs they are Clear no matter what they think.

8. He uses any process that happens to occur to him and avoids standard, proven processes.

9. He shuns personal auditing on himself.”  LRH, Issue 88M ca. late January 1959, Ability Magazine, “A Campaign for Ethical Auditing”.

Milestone Two is asked regularly for referrals to auditors and delivery groups — and we gladly pass on details to those we know and trust.  If you are an ethical auditor, C/S, supervisor or Cramming Officer, and would like referrals, make sure we know your location and contact details.

If you are an unethical auditor — don’t bother.  A most recent enquiry from a pre-OT about a squirrel auditor got a Milestone Two response of  “We wouldn’t even trust him for an enema “.

That about sums it up.

And to set the record straight — though Corporate Scientology labels anyone delivering Scientology outside their monopoly “squirrel”, to be technically correct, this is actually a case of the pot calling the kettle black. The C of S has long since departed from LRH’s Scientology and now practice DM’s brand instead.

And we are always enthusiastic to have more ethical auditors, supervisors, cramming officers and C/Ses join the team.

We have a growing number of veteran technical experts on 5 different continents, including classed auditors, supervisors, word clearers and C/Ses.

You can add your name to the growing list by registering here.