Local service



Milestone Two’s delivery network is now in excess of 35 people, across several continents.

Some are well known standard auditors and C/Ses who have been publicly promoting their services for many years. This includes several roving auditors who bring their service to where it is needed, as well as those that have a stable facility that preclears and students travel to.

There are some trained Scientology auditors and Supervisors who are not in a position to be delivering full time, or not wanting to “hang out a shingle”, however they are very much available to help people in their local region on a one-to-one basis. There are also some who are under the radar, and work quietly with those still within, to provide help.

For this reason, we do not publicly publish the names of our delivery network, but instead provide opportunities for those that do want to broadly promote their services. This is a key part of the Community Connect newsletter, and one of the purposes of the “classifieds” section.

Otherwise we quietly introduce and refer people by email. This system has been working well, and many find it much easier and safer to be able to simply contact Milestone Two with the details of their situation and then be referred to the person that can best help them, based on their own circumstances, situation and location on The Bridge.

If you are an auditor or supervisor who wants to be part of the Delivery Network, you can sign up here.

If you want to promote your services in the Community Connect newsletter, send details to newsletter@milestonetwo.org.

If you are wanting to find someone that you can get service from, in your region, you can do this through the Contact section of this website.

We look forward to hearing from you.