NOTs – off the tracks

train wreck

By Milestone Two crew

It has become apparent, over recent time,  that a significant percentage of those we have met and helped have been NOTs case level, and have had their NOTs program mucked around with, have trouble, stop auditing, and get confused with the constant additions to their program.

NOTs and SOLO NOTs, within the C of S has been made a minefield of mis-programming, arbitraries and out-tech.

“An unpredictability and a lack of agreement on data in a group of people can make them physically ill. And an agreement on data and what it’s all about and a direct result that can be discovered therefrom can make them well. They can live on that stable datum.”  LRH Tape lecture, Valences – Basic Personality: Question and Answer Period, 8 March 1957, 17th ACC.

There are several key stable datums relating to the NOTs Rundown, and we provide the supporting LRH references below:

  1. New Era Dianetics for OTs (NOTs) is a Rundown, a complete set of actions begun, and with a finite end.  It starts at “New OT V”, includes “New OT VI” and “New OT VII” and is complete when the EP (as stated in the NOTs Series of issues describing the entire Rundown) is achieved. The first part of the Rundown is done as “audited NOTs”, the second part is the full training for a Solo NOTs auditor, and the final step is Solo NOTs.  This has been the case since the introduction of Solo NOTs in 1980.  The ENTIRE Rundown IS a Rundown and NOTs Series 30 applies.
  2. From the start of New Era Dianetics for OTs (OT V) through to the completion of the level (OT VII) is a non-interference zone. It is a major auditing action and program departures from this program were forbidden by LRH.
  3. There is NO L. Ron Hubbard authored or approved HCO B stating that persons on the NED for OTs Rundown are to get “six month checks”.  The “six month check” line was established by RTC, i.e., David Miscavige, mis-interpreting an LRH advice (not an LRH HCOB or tape*), circa 1982.

Because of the number of violations of the above stable datums that we keep having to patch up and sort out, we will be publishing some additional material to help untangle the subject of NOTs (and not by publishing confidential materials to those not on the level).

But first, let us support the above stable datums:

Program Departures

The following is a direct quote from HCO B 26 September 1978, Issue II, NED for OTs Series 30,  PROGRAM DEPARTURES (note: there is no confidential, Advanced Level data contained in this quote):

“As with any major grade or RD, there should not be any departures from the Pgm. This is especially true on any powerful RD such as this one. It would be completely forbidden to go off Pgm on NED for OTs and run something else. By something else is meant grades, or part of another RD, or some other type of auditing. This hasn’t been done but the consequences would be disastrous. This is mentioned to ensure that no one ever does this.” Paragraph 1, NOTs Series 30.

No Interference Area

The no interference zone of NOTs is re-enforced by various issues, but one in particular is CS Series 73RB, HCO B 23 December 1971, Revised 2 August 1990, THE NO INTERFERENCE AREA CLARIFIED AND RE-ENFORCED.  (Note: the earlier revisions of CS Series 73, beginning in October 1983 to include the NOTs Rundown, all retain the “do’s and don’ts” listed in the final revision in August 1990 relative to NED for OTs/OTV-VII.)

CS Series 73RB states:

Two phenomenal technical advances made in recent years – New Era Dianetics and the technology resulting in the NED for OTs levels – have, by their nature, made it especially necessary to clarify and re-enforce the No-Interference Area.”

The No Interference Area is further defined as follows:

“a. Pre-OTs in the area between the start of New OT V (Audited NOTs) and the completion of New OT VIII (Truth Revealed) may not receive the Happiness

Rundown or the Flag-only rundowns of L10, L11, L12.

“b. Pre-OTs in the area between the beginning of New OT VI (Solo NOTs Auditing Course) and the completion of New OT VII (Solo NOTs) may not receive any other auditing, with the exception of those services allowed in the No-Interference Area (between the start of New OT I and the completion of OT

III) for pre-OTs who are stalled or moving slowly.”

“Those services allowed” consist of the following:

“Pre-OTs progressing well in the No-Interference Area should not be interfered with by Sec Checking or anything else. However, when a pre-OT is stalled or moving slowly, any of the actions listed below, as appropriate, can be ordered by a qualified CIS (Ref: HCOB 27 Mar. 84, CIS Series 119, STALLED DIANETIC CLEAR: SOLVED):

1. Non-audited PTS handlings

2. Confessionals and O/Ws

3. The handling of postulates, considerations, attitudes, evil purposes or evil intentions (False Purpose Rundown)

4. Service Fac handling (bracket method only, no R3RA)

5. Disagreement Checks.”

In the LRH approved NOTs Series, issued in 1978 through to 1980, there are two additional points made:

“If a Pre-OT on NED for OTs has recurring Int trouble or continues to run into Out-Int, and you can’t solve it easily, do the End of Endless Int Repair Rundown (assessing and handling Int buttons by Recall, not R3RA). This Recall technique will run and solve any Int troubles.” HCO B 17 September 1978, Issue III,  NED for OTs Series 14 OUT INT.

And the following from HCOB 20 January 1980, NOTs Series 50,  NOTs OT DRUG RUNDOWN:

“The NOTs OT drug Rundown is not mixed in with the NOTs Advance Program, nor is it to be bit and pieced with NOTs, nor given as a blur along with NOTs. It is its own special RD and must be delivered as its own RD, and as its own package. …But if drugs or drug items are coming up during NOTs, then the case is on the wrong program and should be shifted over to the Purification RD, followed by the NOTs OT Drug RD. Then after these are done, you would resume the NOTs Advance Program.”

“If drugs are heavily charged and getting in the way, then you would have no choice but to shift programs to handle.”

“The NOTs OT Drug Rundown should help you with cases who hung fire or were resistive previously as well as speeding gains and results on all cases.”

(NOTE: This article does not purport to state the entirety of the technical data related to CSing OT Levels, OT Reviews etc.  A fully qualified CS, having the Class VIII OT Review technology, the full CS Series and a complete study of the NOTs Series originally recorded and described by L. Ron Hubbard in 1978, as compiled by David Mayo, are of course requisites to the standard run of NED for OTs.)

Example of Mis-Programming:

“Do not attempt to run Objective processes on a case during NOTs.”

Reference: HCO B 30 Jan 78, NOTs Series 50, NOTs OT DRUG RUNDOWN.

NOTs is a Rundown

As covered amply in the NOTs Series, and in particular in the above referred to NOTs Series 30, PROGRAM DEPARTURES, NED for OTs is a RUNDOWN.  “a series of steps which are auditing actions and processes designed to handle a specific aspect of a case and which have a known end phenomena. Example: Introspection Rundown. (LRH Def. Notes)” Technical Dictionary.

LRH ED 301 INT, 17 December 1978, RON’S JOURNAL 30 1978-THE YEAR OF LIGHTNING FAST NEW TECH, describes the NOTs Rundown and its positioning on the extant Grade Chart (between OT III and the original OT IV which is the OT IV described in CS Series 13 and the Class VIII materials, not the OT III Drug Rundown, later designated as “OT IV” or “New OT IV”).  This issue is in the Tech Vols. (NOTE: In 1980, Solo NOTs was introduced and is C/Sed for a person according to the technical materials of the CS Series and the NOTs Series. It is part of the full NED Rundown for OTs, as stated in the following HCOB.)

HCO B 12 September 1978R, revised 2 Dec 1985, DIANETICS FORBIDDEN ON CLEARS AND OTs states:

“Anyone who has purchased NED auditing who is Clear or above must be routed to an A0 or Flag to receive the special NED Rundown for OTs. They are NOT to be run on regular New Era Dianetics.

“Anyone who is Clear but not OT III is to get through OT III immediately so he can receive this special rundown. After OT III, one does New OT IV (the OT Drug Rundown), then New OT V, Audited NOTs, followed by New OT VI (Solo NOTs Auditor Course) and New OT VII (Solo NOTs Auditing).

“The EP of the full special NED Rundown for OTs is CAUSE OVER LIFE.”

Mixing Rundowns

HCO B 28 September 1982, CS Series 115, MIXING RUNDOWNS AND REPAIRS, states:


“To do otherwise is violent and actionable out-tech.” Emphasis in original.

Correct C/Sing is described in the HCO B:


The right way to go about C/Sing is:

1. Ensure the pc is set up for rundown “X.”

2. C/S the pc standardly through rundown “X.”

3. If trouble, repair the pc using the repair action or repair list designated

for rundown “X. “

4. Get rundown “X” completed to its full EP and attested.”

Confessionals and the No Interference Area

Here is the text of HCO B, 8 March 1982R, Revised 24 April 1983, CONFESSIONALS AND THE NON-INTERFERENCE ZONE:

“It has long been known that people do not make gains when audited over undisclosed overts and withholds and that a withhold missed in auditing can cause quite an adverse reaction.

“Because it has not previously been specified whether Confessionals could be done during the Non-Interference Zone, it tended to leave the matter open to interpretation, and a common interpretation has been that one must not do any kind of Confessional or O/W pulling during the Non-Interference Zone.

“But what about a case who is out-ethics and not making progress due to continuous overts and withholds or, even worse, undisclosed overts or crimes against Scientology?

“Such a case won’t make any progress until these are gotten off.

“A person who is NCG, nattery, critical or otherwise exhibiting O/Ws or out-ethics must be handled so that he can make case gains. And must not be continued in auditing until this is done.

“This applies to pre-OTs as well as pcs and specifically also applies to pre-OTs on OT III; on New OT IV, OT Drug Rundown; on New OT V, Audited NOTs; on New OT VII, Solo NOTs-the same as it applies to any other grade or OT section.

“It is a CRIME to let a pre-OT get onto an OT section in that condition in the first place. And it is also a CRIME to continue the error and not remedy the matter right away.

“One would not embark on a series of Confessionals during another grade or OT section, but it is imperative that pre-OTs on these sections who have missed withholds get them off and a specific Confessional can and should be done to accomplish this.


A pre-OT who is running well and making case gain should not be interrupted. And, where a person in the Non-Interference Zone does need O/Ws pulled, the auditor must first obtain a CIS okay.


By following these lines, you will save some pre-OTs who otherwise would not make it at all!



Six Month Checks – “Refreshers”

As stated earlier, there is NO L. Ron Hubbard authored or approved HCO B stating that persons on the NED for OTs Rundown are to get “six month checks”.  The “six month check” line was established by RTC, i.e., David Miscavige, mis-interpreting an LRH advice (not an LRH HCOB or tape*), circa 1982.which stated relative to some of the early Solo NOTs auditors who had apparently run into some difficulties “get them in, get them cleaned up, and keep them cleaned up”.

“Cleaned up”, can mean any sort of handling, including what LRH refers to as the prime reason auditors fail on Solo – “The Solo auditor cannot audit”.  HCO B 26 August 69R, part of the OT III pack.

It could be that the Solo NOTs Pre OT needs a NOTs DRD.

It could be that the Solo NOTs Pre-OT needs one of the audited steps done or handled (as per the NOTs Series).

It could be the Solo NOTs Pre-OT has any one of the above listed points covered in CS Series 73RB.

And none of these are needed if the pre OT is progressing on the Rundown:“CAUTION A pre-OT who is running well and making case gain should not be interrupted.”

What this LRH advice does NOT say, is that every six months an HCO Style Sec Check is to be done on every Solo NOTs Pre-OT willy nilly, and to do so is simply gross, flagrant, and egregious OUT TECH.

Sort Out

As stated in the materials above, NED for OTs is a Rundown.  It has exact steps, it has an exact End Phenomenon (described fully in the actual LRH approved NOTs Series from 1978-80) and if it is done correctly, and not interfered with in violation of the No Interference Area proscriptions, then that EP can and IS achieved.

If you find yourself interfered with on NOTs, that is from when you begin the program of the Rundown, until you achieve the EP, including “New OT V” all the way through to the end of “New OT VII” i.e., “the full special NED Rundown for OTs” (see above),  then whether that’s within the CofS (running David Miscavige’s altered version of NOTs), or anywhere in the field, then we suggest you get a mail to the authors of this Milestone Two website,  and you can be directed to a reputable CS and Auditor that will use only the LRH approved NOTs materials and tech (with no hidden data line), and you can rest assured you are doing LRH’s NOTs, not some other thing, and so can get the results intended by L. Ron Hubbard.


The next article on this topic will deal with the provenance of the NOTs materials.  What was David Mayo’s role in the original NOTs Series, and some of the lead up to the final culmination of the NOTs Rundown.

*Reference HCO B, 9 June 1971, CS Series 43, CS RULES, section “Auditor Inval”:

“An auditor can be invalidated by a C/S by having a lot of questionable tech points thrown at him.

“The auditor’s data gets shaky.

“If no decision was ever made-is not in HCOBs and tapes-is not to hand and can’t be referred to by HCOB and tape, then a CIS should not be making the point.”