OT Eligibility and ‘set-ups’


by Tom Martiniano

So here is the situation: A Scientologist spends thousands of dollars and audits hundreds of hours of grade chart to get to Clear. He’s had tons of case gain, feels great and is happy that he wisely invested in the Scientology Bridge. Then he is told that he has to purchase three or four intensives of auditing for “Set-ups” in order to get onto the OT sections. This is something that a lot of you out there are familiar with. He asks “What are set ups for?” He’s told that his case isn’t set up for the OT Sections. He doesn’t understand and well he shouldn’t; he just completed Grades and had a lot of Dianetics and now he is Clear and feeling wonderful. Why wouldn’t he be “set up for OT?”

So what are these set-ups all about? Per HCOB 23 August, 1971 C/S Series 1 AUDITORS RIGHTS the definition of set ups is:

“Set-up = getting an F/N showing and VGI before starting any major action. It means just that – an F/N and VGIs before starting any major action. Such may require a repair action and rudiments as well.”

But Clears are given extensive set ups in the Church whether they are VGIs or not. Let’s take a look at what the programming for these Clears is with HCOB 1 December 1978 C/S Series 113RA PROGRAMMING OF CLEARS. This HCOB was revised in 1988, which makes the revisions a little suspect, but it is all fine in that there are instances where a being had lousy Grades, exhibits evil intentions and still has somatics. And this is where the big arbitraries came into being. The DM regime really took advantage of this HCOB and entered tons of arbitraries on going up the bridge. These days C/Ses around the world are calling for lengthy “Set-Ups” and an overly long “OT Eligibility Check”.

Because the “OT Eligibility Check” and “Set ups” took anywhere from three to six or more intensives (at $3,800 dollars per intensive unless at Flag where they are $5K each), few could afford them and so caused a “Ridge on the Bridge” and a new term was coined – “Stalled Dianetic Clear”.

So then a C/S Series was written – THE STALLED DIANETIC CLEAR SOLVED C/S Series 119. This HCOB lists a litany of rundowns and auditing actions that should be given to Clears should there be “problems” with the Clear himself. These processes and rundowns range from FPRD lists, to PTS Rundowns, to Service facsimile running, end of endless int rundown and so forth. Once he or she finishes this “Set ups” he or she is given a 200 question long sec check, FPRD style.

Somebody please stop the madness.

So what is a Clear if he or she should warrant all of this auditing? In this same C/S Series 119 it is stated, “The definition of Clear is A BEING WHO NO LONGER HAS HIS OWN REACTIVE MIND.” So what the blue hell is this guy going to be handling on his “Set Ups” if he no longer has his own reactive mind? What is this all about?

Imagine this: A guy just spends hundreds of hours going up the lower Grade chart, through Grades and he bogs with a high TA on New Era Dianetics. A C/S Series 53 assessment is done and the pc says he feels he is Clear. He gets a three or four hour CCRD and rehabs the state of Clear. He is happy and VVGIs and is now anxious for the OT Sections. Then he gets his tech estimate and it is for 7 intensives for OT Eligibility Check and Set Ups. Why? You just had him set up for OT I.

Yes, there are other circumstance such as one of his Grades out or he still can’t handle exterior well, and these should be addressed, but not for several intensives. If he is faced with a big TE, he will roll off of the Bridge – and for the most part – forever.

Now he really is a stalled Dianetic Clear.

Now let’s see what LRH says about this: First of all what is eligibility for OT sections? Per HCO PL 12 August 1971 OT COURSES LRH says:

          “These courses are by invitation only.

           “The invitation to a course depends on several factors:

  1. Security of R6EW and Advanced Course materials in the student’s hands.
  2. Degree of participation of the being has engaged in, in Scientology.
  3. The general character of the being as a Scientologist, based on his ethics record.
  4. The Scientology technical proficiency of the being.

            “If an invitation is not received, a petition may be submitted to the Office of LRH, setting forth evidence as to why one should be invited.” L Ron Hubbard

Now, I personally know of huge security problems the AOs had such as plants and PDH’d roof jumpers, but sec checking someone who has “overts and withholds against David Miscavige?” Please. The plants and roof jumpers could have and should have been caught on the A-J check that LRH developed for just such an instance.

Further, here is the kicker as far as OT Set-Ups. This is from LRH Book 8-8008. Footnote on the bottom of page 9 or 14 or 21 depending on which copy you have:

“Dianetic processes were limited in that they could not be applied more than a few hundred hours without the reactive mind assuming a very high command level over the analytical mind due to the fact that the reactive mind was being validated continually in the process, whereas the better process was to validate the analytical mind.”

I can feel the cognitions flying right now! So here is this guy who just went Clear and is feeling his oats and then he is confronted with hundreds of hours of invalidation but more importantly validation of his case which will now take command value over the being. Ray Mithoff knows this datum and still lets it happen. This is not just “Out tech” or stupidity, this is by design and for the destruction of the tech of Scientology by the evil minds that run this cult.

So the next question is; “What do you do with a PC who is a Clear but is BIs?

LRH says in HCOB 19 June 1970 C/S Series 7 “C/S Q AND A”

“I’m ready for Clear now!” says the pc full of somatics, whose R6EW wasn’t really done and who can’t talk.

“The D of P and C/S have full authority on this. They should be diplomatic. “He can have the grade, of course, but I will have to prepare him for it” Is the best answer. “Please make arrangements for Clear preparation – twenty-five hours.” LRH

The above by LRH is a “worst-case” scenario with the pc who’s full of somatics, never really did R6EW and can’t talk. But I’m talking about pcs who are set up and ready to roll and still get a 4 or 5 intensive set-up. You should simply interview him and find out what he is BIs about and handle with auditing, but then you get him back on the Grade chart when he is set up (F/N, VGIs) and get him moving up through the OT Sections so he can handle his case. To do anything else is madness.

Clears, we can now get you up to OT without a lot of set ups and certainly a LOT faster than in the church. And we won’t ask you for overts against David Miscavige, that’s for sure.