OTs and FNs


By Milestone Crew

We felt this LRH quote has real applicability for many, many OTs today.

We hope this brings some relief to those who fell on their heads and did not understand why.

Contact Milestone Two if you feel you need an OT Review to handle bypassed charge from missed/ignored FNs.


An OT is particularly subject to FIN abuse as he can blow things quite rapidly. If the auditor misses the FIN due to too high a sensitivity setting or doesn’t call it, as he’s waiting for an “EP,” overrun occurs. It invalidates an OT’s ability to as-is and causes severe upsets.

This error can also stem from auditor speed. The auditor, used to auditing lower-level pcs or never trained to audit OTs, can’t keep up with the OT and misses his FINS or reads.

Thus, overruns occur and charged areas are bypassed.

This could account for those cases who were flying then fell on their heads with the same problems that blew back again. HCOB 21 March 1974 END PHENOMENA