duty of care

Milestone Two auditors and C/Ses follow LRH’s technical bulletins, lectures and books to move people up the Grade Chart.

Unfortunately, due to the a number of factors, the Corporate Church is no longer practicing straight Scientology, and as a result, much of MS2’s time is spent patching up and repairing cases that have been messed up, bogged or simply stalled for years.

There are many very basic and significant instances of out-tech that we have come across, and to assist in dealing with these,  we issue articles with details.

We do this to both indicate bypassed charge, and also to let people know that out-tech CAN be handled, if the standard LRH technology is actually applied.

There are many such articles that have been published on the MS2 blog over time, and there will be more in the future. We will place all key ones here, for reference, by anyone visiting. You can find each article on the MS2 blog, with extensive commentary and new comments, feedback and information on these subjects is always welcome.