The ‘basics’


By Joseph

I want to make a comment on the Corporate Church’s so called “Basics”.

PDC are not “basics”, “Creation of Human Ability” is not “basic”, and neither is “History of Man” and so on. Advanced Procedure and Axioms, is NOT a “basic” but an extremely advanced auditing and Life technology.

If the PDCs are “Basics” well, learning the full procedure to fly a fighter F 16 including landing on an aircraft carrier would be a “basic” too. Studying it could make a scholar in aviation but certainly not a pilot.

Who is kidding who?

When you study the Dianetic or Scientology Axioms, as they are described in the tapes, when you study the theory of the Advanced Procedure, you realize it is very, very advanced materials.

Only with the Logics and the Axioms as they are developed, you can just go ahead and reform entirely the structure of the society from bottom to top.

To treat these materials as anything less than that is a direct insult to LRH and to Life.

These materials ARE THE SCIENCE OF LIFE. It is not just something one studies to understand the rest. It IS the real stuff.

Now it is the same with Science of Survival and Human Evaluation chart and tapes.

The Theta Mest Theory is very advanced stuff. Ninety percent of your understanding of that tech lies in your OBSERVATION and APPLICATION of the data in real life.

This is to tell that when I’ll talk about becoming a Dianeticist or a Scientologist, I don’t talk about becoming a scholar, or a philosopher.

I am talking about becoming a guy that will be able to reform parts of society only with those axioms and technologies.

I am talking of making an auditor that will audit people.

The real “basics” are a Comm Course, TR 0-4 thoroughly done, and the HQS well taught and with tons of practice, these are “basics”.

If done properly, thoroughly, then the students will be able to actually HELP another fellow and if he sees the result of his help, man this will be a win.