Under the radar

under the radarUnfortunately, due to the current circumstances within Corporate Scientology, if a parishioner or staff member starts to have doubts, worries or concerns about management programs or orders, church regging, org donations, technical programming, ethics or justice actions, or restrictions placed on them as a person, they cannot speak of it to family, friends or local church staff.

Being labelled as “disaffected” is hard to get rid of, and there is undue pressure that is placed on parishioners to toe the line and be “in good” with the powers that be.

We have many, many readers who are “under the radar”.

There are many within Milestone Two who communicate regularly to us, and who receive auditing and training in the field in their local regions.

Milestone Two is the island of sanity that the Corporate Scientology church abandoned years ago, in their warship of arbitraries and altered tech. Sea Org members, staff members and parishioners are well intentioned people, doing the best they can with the information they have, and in the circumstances they find themselves.

All those that run Milestone Two are veteran former Sea Org and staff members, each having been in and around Scientology for at least 25+ years each. We have no war with those still within the walls of the Corporate Church. And we mean no trouble for them.

If you are looking for someone to talk to, about your experiences, feelings or concerns, there is a line here. You can email admin@milestonetwo.org and will receive an answer from a person who is well familiar with the situation and can help.

If you are trying to find answers to things that just don’t add up or make sense, you will find answers here.

And yes, your identity is safe with us. We don’t post names or broadly announce who is doing what, where. ┬áMilestone Two brings no undue pressure to get people to publicly declare their intentions or to make broad sweeping statements about where they stand. The situation with the Corporate Church is a messy one, and virtually every person that reaches out to us has been well mired into their situation for years.

Our mission is to apply LRH technical bulletins, books, lectures and policy to move people up The Bridge, and achieve the goals of LRH.

Thanks for dropping by.

You are welcome to visit and read our blog daily — and if you want to, send us an email.

We can talk and hook you up to others in your area/region, who are in the same position as yourself.