What keeps the bank off?


By Milestone Two crew

LRH states “It is EXCHANGE which maintains the inflow and outflow that gives a person space around him and keeps the bank off of him.

“There are numbers of ways these flows of exchange can be unbalanced.

“It does not go same out as comes in. Equal amounts are no factor. Who can measure goodwill or friendship? Who can actually calculate the value of saving a being from death in each lifetime? Who can measure the reward of pride in doing a job well or praise?

For all these things are of different values to different people.

In the material world the person whose exchange factor is out may think he “makes money”. Only a government or a counterfeiter “makes money”. One has to produce something to exchange for money.

“Right there the exchange factor is out.” HCO PL 4 April 1972 Ethics

The group that we refer to as Corporate Scientology is getting more and more reactive, as it is continuing to engage in criminal exchange. They specialize in demanding donations for no product, service or exchange.

And until they stop the criminal exchange, they will continue on a downward spiral.

This point of exchange is something we, as a community and group outside of Corporate Scientology, must keep attention on.

On a personal level, and on a community level — work to keep exchange flows balanced and we will keep the bank off.