Why are we different?


helping people

by Lana M.

Milestone Two has come a long way in terms of subscribers, readers, Tech Delivery Network, associated groups and field auditors  — and we now have an exact strategic program for moving ahead.

It is simple and something that every single person can be part of and can contribute to.

This strategy also clearly communicates what sets Milestone Two apart from the Corporate Church.

The strategy is:  Do something for somebody. 

If you are an auditor — take a person in session, and so something for them with Scientology. An assist, Book One, Life Repair, Straightwire, Grades, etc.

If you are a supervisor or word clearer – help someone with TRs, with study or with a course or to resolve a subject they are having trouble with. Students, teachers, children, work associates, anyone who is having trouble in an area or with a subject.

If you have little Scientology technical training  – do something for someone with one of the multitude of tools that LRH has given us (two way communication, ARC, study tech, 3rd party law, overts/withholds, conditions, LRH Management technology, etc.).

Every day we encounter people who have problems, troubles, worries or things they are effect of. Using basic technology from LRH books, give them a hand and help them to resolve that situation.

No matter who you are, whether you are a Classed auditor or not, you can do something to help someone with Scientology. A family member, a friend, a neighbour, a work colleague.

If every person connected to, affiliated to, and working with Milestone Two worked to do something for somebody EACH WEEK, we will grow.  Our own compassion and love for those around us, plus the tools that we have to improve their lot, is what make us different.

To be frank — we give a shit.

It is not about whether someone becomes a “Scientologist”, it is not about getting someone onto the Grade Chart and moving up The Bridge (that occurs when people, who received help, cognite, for themselves, and come to a need of change).

It is about getting into two-way communication with another person, and then using LRH’s Scientology technology to assist them in some way.

This is the Milestone Two strategy moving forward.

Be part of it.

“In order to do something for somebody you have to have a communication line to that person.

“Communication lines depend upon reality and communication and affinity and where an individual is too demanding the affinity tends to break down slightly.

“Processing goes in two stages.

“1. To get into communication with that which you are trying to process.

“2. Do something for him.”